How to show more documents in columns on same page

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Hi   -  I have a documents  on home-page and want to show more that the 15 on one page in one column.  I want to extend this to show 3 columns of documents on the same page.  Current view has 3 columns set to view  but only one used to show documents and I want all 3 to show documents from the library.



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@NickiA13 One way you could do this would be to create 3 different views of the document library. For example I have a document library with file names beginning A, B and C. So I created 3 views of the library with each one filtered by name begins with A etc. Then a document library web part has been added to each of the 3 columns on the SharePoint page. In each web part I have selected the appropriate view of the library and how many documents to display.






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