How to show image in lookup additional column

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I have a "Gallery" list and would like to add a lookup column to show my item name and pictures from other list. Then finally I can make a gallery in power app to show both of them.

But after I added the lookup column containing title, I could not find any option in additional column setting section that allow me to show the pictures I uploaded from Sharepoint list.

How can I solve this?

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Unless this can be done with JSON formatting (worth to try) I believe there is not a way to achive what you want just simply because Lookup columns don't provide this functionality
I see, so I need to create a Power Automate flow to solve this?
If so, would you mind provide the steps and detail to create the flow?
Thank you so much for your help!

@AA124 Unfortunately, SharePoint lookup columns does not support extending the SharePoint Image columns


You can only extend the below column types from parent list:

  • Single line of text

  • Number

  • Date and Time

  • Lookup (single value)

SourceCreate list relationships by using lookup columns 


You can show the image from parent list easily in Power Apps using LookUp function as you have the parent list item ID in the child list. 

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