How to setup Sharepoint site to use Azure blob storage

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Looking for advice for the following scenario: We have some 5 TB of data currently hosted on that we would like to migrate to Azure blob storage. We need some sort of content management system in front of the storage to make it easier to access, view, manage the files and are considering Sharepoint. Is it possible to setup a Sharepoint site with the files being stored on Azure blob storage? What considerations do we need to think about to plan this out effectively? Thank you, Shahab
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Unfortunately, SPO does not provide support to use Azure Blob Storage
Thank you for the reply Juan. Does Sharepoint support any type of file storage in Azure?
AFAIK, the answer is no

@Juan Carlos González MartínAny updates on this?  When will there possibly be something relatively easy to display Azure files or blobs within a SharePoint page and navigate the nodes/hierarchy? I have a client who stores massive files on Azure that one would never put in SharePoint, but they like the UI experience of SharePoint Online for their other files.  They do a large number of projects each year and want to see their SP and Azure files for each project displayed within the same UI.  Their constraints on me are that it can't have a lot of code development as they do not think they will keep or hire the talent to maintain it once we leave, and it has to be easy to set up as they create new projects in SharePoint. Thoughts? 

SharePoint Online uses ABS itself. Is there a reason you wouldn't store the data in SharePoint instead of some other file storage medium? SharePoint content management features require that the data reside in SharePoint.

SharePoint itself supports up to 100GB files. Do these files exceed that limit?

@Shahab Mushtaq I do not know the use case, but you could use SharePoint 2019 in Azure.  Users get USL (User Subscription License) with Office 365, you would only need to license the Windows/SharePoint servers.  You could use Metalogix/Quest Storage Point.  Then the specific use case you need the Blob storage, use SharePoint 2019 and everything else to SharePoint Online.