How to set up notifications for Republished pages

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If a user only has read access to a page or site, is there a way for them to create a notification so that they get an email when a page is republished? 


I know users can follow a site, but that only seems to act as a quick link and prioritize content from that site when they do a search from SharePoint. 

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Not really, what you can do is build a power automate flow and have it trigger on republishing and who you want to notify if that's the case. But that's a completely custom solution
Individual users can set up email alerts on libraries, lists, or views by going to the content area and clicking the … to set up an alert. It is not an easy process to train, but can be done. An alternative approach is to have page editors create a news article on the site summarizing the update and linking to the page. This will ensure that interested people who are following the site get a notification (in Teams with Viva Connections) when the article is posted. That will effectively update the, about changes to the original page. This is probably preferable to an alert, which would notify users about every update, including typo corrections.