How to: send email to specific group of people with different category combi on sharepoint list

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Dear All,


I'm new to Power Automate.


I'm getting stuck with creating a power automate flow which allows me to send email to specific groups of people automatically based on the selection combination on sharepoint list. 



If category A + Country B: will be sent email to email person 1, 2 ,3

If category A + Country C: will be sent email to email person 1,4,5

If category B + Country A: will be sent email to email person 4, 5, 6


Currently the options I know only allows me manually assign person based on the combination or using Switch but Switch only allows 1 value for each case.


Thank you!



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You have some different choices here:


First you could simply use many conditions (each checking for a combination of category and country) and set a variable in the condition body  to contain the E-mail addresses as a semicolon-separeted string. 

Or you could combine both category and country with a delimiter into a single string variable first and then switch on that.

Or you create another SharePoint List with the columns "Category","Country" and "Emails" (containing the semicolon-separeted email addresses ). Then just query for all rows in that list that match your current  "Category" and "Country" and send your mail there.

The method will also make your flow very clean, as you don't need to have complex logic in there. You just query.