How to select text in modern list?

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I was wondering if there is an easy way to select text from a modern list?

I've noticed that I can right-click and copy the content of a field, but how can I simply select text with the mouse?

Right now when I drag with the left mouse button, I start to drag the whole line. I wouldn't even have a use case for dragging a line of a modern list.

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Easiest way I got myself used to is to select the text in the details pane that appears after selecting the item in the list...

What about using the Quick Edit and select the cell(s) you want to copy?

@Juan Carlos González Martín wrote:
What about using the Quick Edit and select the cell(s) you want to copy?

Seems to complicate to teach people to be honest, for quick text snippets, e.g. email addresses.

Does anyone know why'd we want to drag a list item at all? If I remember correctly classic design allowed for text selection. 

Guess I'll tell them to rightclick > copy field content

@Ivan Unger 


We don't even have the copy field content. We have no way to copy anything on our page. I've been trying to figure this out for months.

I've been trying to get a link copied out from a column, and there wasn't any simple solution I could find:

- users have restricted access (so no quick edit)

- too complicated to get users to open the side panel (especially when there is that "copy link" everywhere)

- I couldn't even understand the logic behind a solution offered by a Microsoft rep: "Switch back to classic."


For what I wanted to achieve, the best solution was a copy-to-clipboard automation. Using a flow alone might have been the solution if it wasn't for the extra verification step the user must go through for every file; slow and complicated. I also had a go with writing a power app - but didn't get anywhere.


I ended up using a flow to create a link to a blank webpage, with the text I want to copy as a url parameter. Then use JS to copy it to the clipboard - the first time a user does it, they need to allow the page to access the clipboard, but since it is a secure page, most browsers don't ask for it again.t


A very complicated solution to a very simple thing.