How to search for documents on subsites from parent site

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Hi there,


I'm creating a SharePoint site structure that has a main site, along with a few sub-sites arranged in categories. 


When I search on the main site document library, I want the documents from the sub-sites to show in the search results, but they currently aren't doing. 


Does anybody know how to change this setting? I'm just searching from the top search bar in the SharePoint Document Library on the parent site. Am I doing that wrong?


Thanks in advance!

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@NikkiSen As far I know if we search in Library/List it will bring only results from that particular library/list and show as "Results from Library/List name".

If you go to any site page or Home on top search will search from Site ( this normally includes subsites), If you are not seeing results make sure subsite search is On and library search is on.