How to save SharePoint Site Page as PDF and save PDF to document library

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I would like to know if it is possible to automate the process of saving a SharePoint site page as a pdf and then saving this pdf into a document library. Currently to do this I have to print the page (ctrl+p) and choose the option to save as pdf. Then once saved to my pc I upload the pdf file to the document library. Is it possible to have a webpart or button on the site page, which automatically does this for me using custom code?

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No direct way to do that without some coding / Flow. Just as an example (a little bit out of date, but it's a good sample to look at):
Hello @Tiago_Sa, I have a similar requirement. Did you get any solution that could use CSOM for performing conversion?
Muhimbi, would be a 3rd party product. Is there a way to achieve this using CSOM?