How to restrict downloading data from Sharepoint library?

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Hello everyone! 

I have such question: how to restrict downloading data from Sharepoint library?

The point is that we need that the user could not download documents in the library from a local computer(such download should be restricted somehow), and from a virtual machine, which is in the Azure in other country, it should be possible. The goal is not to give downloads to specific libraries

and allow it only after approval or from a virtual machine of some kind..

Did someone had the same experience?

Waiting for your suggestions, thank you!

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If you just want to block the library altogether there is an option to block Offline Client Availability in the advanced settings of the document library. Otherwise, you need to use sensitivity labels, which I would assume is a larger discussion. But you will be able to do what you want.


You can read more about sensitivity labels and how to use them here.