How to restrict Communication site creation to a designated security group

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Here's what I see under SharePoint Administration -> Settings -> Site Creation. This says, to me, that enabling this will allow all users to create SharePoint sites (and it is unclear whether this means with or without TEAMS).


I have created a security group and assigned it, via PowerShell, to be the designated group that can create M365 Groups (therefore TEAMS) and it is working fine. I need to set it up so that the same is true for non-TEAMS enabled sites, like Communication sites.


Resolution needed: How do I set it up so that only the members of this designated security group can create a SharePoint Communication site (not associated with a M365 Group) without being given the SPAdmin role (in addition to the GAs and SPAdmins)? Or is there another way to achieve this goal; I am open to whatever works.

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