How to restric view in sharepoint list

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I have a SP list that combining data from 3 dept. it has dept column in the list. Therefore, I want to restrict the view. Meaning that dept A can only see data from dept A. Same goes to dept B and C. 


I know that this will use flow but From the link I found, they only configure by user. Meaning that you can only see what you have submitted. 


How do I configure by department?

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Can you elaborate more how you would achieve this with Flow? AFAIK, there is not a way to restrict views in lists if that implies security...of course, you can always apply filtering but not sure if this is what you are looking for

Hi @shkl_ ,


You can write a Flow to do this but you would need to start the flow on every new Item in the list that was created and permission it to only the users in the department by way of an AD or SharePoint security group. You cannot permission views only the data in them.  Same view, different data surfaced to the user dependant on which department they are in.