How to reset everything in SharePoint 365/Online

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Okay, I have a test account set up to experiement with Office 365 (Business) and have been playing wiht SharePoint a lot. I have managed to mess something up that I cannot edit pages anymore, and would like to delete everything (absolutely NO data backup required or desired) and return Office 365 to the point that I had never opened SharePoint, and start all over again....


I have tried to delete the collections, but it will never delete everything, and always leaves two links in place. I have tried to crete a anew site and alayws get the "this alreay exists" error, where I have to click the box to delete the stuff in Recyce bin and star over, but it does not work.


If I "restore" the page, I am back to the point of a page I cannot edit.


What can I do to fix this mess? THere has to be som easy way, but I have not found anything online other than what I listed above and have tried.... 


Please help!!


The domain is or

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Can you just create a new site collection and forget about the others or will the new one need to be named the same as the broken one?
Basically there is no way to reset a SPO tenant to the initial state so I recommend, as advised by Andrew, to start with a new Site Collection and completely deleted the non-useful careful not to delete the root site collection in your tenant

I have a similer problem but it is my root site that is a mess. It is a sharepoint 2013 classic site and we (our group) would like to just delete it or upgrade it and start over. We never used it untill now and would love so feedback on how to at least upgrade it and reset the security.@Juan Carlos González Martín 

Deleting root site isn’t all that “bad” anymore.

Do you mean that deleting the root site could be a good idea if we want to start all over again with SharePoint and nothing has to be saved? @Ali Salih