How to remove recent documents view in sharepoint org chart

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Hi all,


we are wanting an org chart view in sharepoint online, however the issue we have is it shows the recently viewed documents of all employees, this is a big security concern for the board of directors and HR.


is there anyway to remove this view and just have basic information such as name, department, email and phone number?. Is there a custom view for this?.


If not, any suggestions on an alternative way to get an org chart in Sharepoint online.



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If you are talking about below Files section, then it does not show recent documents by all the employees but it does show recent documents by the user for whom you opened this callout/page.

And if you are viewing other user's profile then it will show only recent document of that user where you have access to that documents. SharePoint will never show any content where current user don't have access.



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Hi @matthewcarterACG 


You can Control Files Visibility in Delve Profile.

Please refer this article for more details:

Hi @matthewcarterACG!


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