How to remove "Manage access" option ?

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We like to give customers access to one of our sharepoint sites. they shall have read access, but they still have the option "Manage access"  ("Zugriff verwalten" in german) where they can see/search for other users of this site and this we do not like to show them (which customers else have an account). 


Unfortunately even with restricted read access they still have this option. 

Does anybody know how to disable this option for specific user groups (e.g. with read only or also with participate) ?  

Or is this just not possible ?

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AFAIK, there is not a way from remove this option

@Juan Carlos González Martín 

Thank you Juan Carlos, even with the negative response :smile:


Maybe somebody else has more informations on that ? Responses would be very welcome.




I'm also looking for an answer to this...
I found this thread from 2019 where appearently a MS agent said that it is not possible...