How to remove quick launch from document library




I've setup a SharePoint Online site which contains a couple of document libraries. How do I remove the quick launch on the left side for just 1 of them? I still want the quick launch to appear for the other ones.


When I look at the library settings, there doesn't have any options to disable the quick launch. Other messages indicate I could embed css, but I couldn't find where to embed.






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Hi, if you go to the Cog Wheel, and choose Site Contents > Site Settings, you may select Quick Launch under the Look and Feel section shown as follows;


Screenshot 2020-08-20 at 19.27.54.png

Then you may edit the links which are included in the Quick launch


That setting would affect all the pages within the site. I want the left nav to not appear on just 1 page of the site.




Ah yes, sorry I misread that.  I'm not aware of any means you could do this.  To my knowledge, it will be on or off.  Audience targeting would also do the same.

There is not a way to do this for a specific document library...of course, with custom coding everything is possible, so I can think that a SPFx extension could make the trick, but you need a developer to confirm it and create it for you