How to remove and add the fields in the Items Properties in Sharepoint?

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Hi -


I am rearranging the columns in the view item properties. I noticed that a couple columns from the list is not listed in the Columns yet others that were hidden from the list are listed. 


1) How do I replace the Title column to ITRequestID column (it's not even listed!)?

List Issue.JPGList Issue 2.JPG

2) Attachment column is not on the columns list - why? I need to move that up.

3) How do I get rid of the hidden columns below from the Columns/view?

List Issue 3.JPG


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In the list settings, Hidden columns would not be visible.


If you have using Modern UI then you can adjust columns in the view using below steps.


  • Click on Add Column drop down and then click on show hide columns





  • Here you will see all the columns even hidden columns and you can remove unnecessary columns from view and also arrange the order of the columns.




If you are using Classic UI then perform below steps

  • Go to the list settings and click on view



  • Here you will see all the columns even hidden columns and you can remove unnecessary columns from view and also arrange the order of the columns.



And what do you mean by replacing Title column by ITRequestID? I think it's not your custom column and you have renamed default ID column to "ITRequestID" column so in above both the option you will see this column in view setting to arrange the order of this column.



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Hi @kalpeshvaghela 


I think you misunderstood my issues. 


What I was trying to say is this...


Some columns that are hidden in the list are still showing up in the Items Properties (List>>settings>>List settings>>scroll down to Columns and you show see the list that would appear in the Items Properties where users would click on an item from a link provided by power automate in Teams)...This also does for those that are appearing in the List but NOT in the items properties nor Columns List....I hope this makes sense to you?


The ListThe ListThe Items PropertiesThe Items PropertiesThe Columns in the List SettingsThe Columns in the List SettingsThe unhide/hide columns in the listThe unhide/hide columns in the list


As far as attachments, I guess it stays at the very bottom of the items properties...

Ok.... This is what is happening. The data is coming from a form in Power App. We added a customized (and hidden) field that would autopopulate a value after the power app form is submitted.

With that said, the title in the Sharepoint list is not populating and is hidden. It auto populates the value in the ITRequestID column.

I can unhide the title in the list. However, I would need to copy the value from ITRequestID to the Title in order for the ITRequestID values to show up in the Item Properties.

How do I do that? I see power automate but I am hoping for a formula that can be done in the List that can pull it into the Title column?
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@Holly-CMS You cannot update the value of SharePoint default Title column using formula.

My suggestion is modify formula in Power Apps to update the Title column same as how you are updating the ITRequestID column now. This will be the best approach to follow.


If you cannot modify power apps for any reasons, you can create a power automate flow which will run on item creation/update (trigger - when item is created or modified) with single "Update item" action - you can use this action to populate Title column value based on ITRequestID column.

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Did the power automate and it worked beautifully!!!!! Thank you!!