How to print modern pages?

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Hi, does anyone have a clue on how to print modern SharePoint pages?

I've tried IE and Chrome, and both  just want to print a page clip of the current view.


Am I missing something, is this currently just not possible? Could someone from Microsoft possibly pitch in, and tell us if there is a print friendly view available or in the works? 

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I guess the answer is that modern browsers are not ready to print modern pages so the result you get when printing a modern page just stinks

Hi @Ivan Unger,


When you print a page with Shrink to fit (sounds like responsive printing) enabled the page looks indeed very poor. When you set the page to 50% then all suddenly looks a lot better. Maybe not a great solution, but at least better than nothing.

Hi @Mark Kashman , is there any progress to be expected regarding the printing issues with modern pages for this year?

Hi @Mark Kashman, sorry to mention you twice here, but my first try didn't receive any response and there weren't any news at ignite about this either.

Is there any kind of progress to expected for printing modern pages. I'd basically be happy if the printing layout would borrow the one from the mobile apps, and reformat everything into one column. I guess this wouldn't be so hard.

I've had a ticket open with Microsoft pretty much since modern SharePoint pages were introduced because they are unprintable. It beggars belief that it's still an issue.
yeah, I still don't get.

There is still a uservoice open for this:


It's only got 1 vote though.

Three votes now!

thank you @Ivan Unger for trying to get a resolution.   

It is unfortunate that this post did not get any response from MS  despite you have been asking two times. 


We have discovered the issue while been in a middle of an implementation.  it is very hard when a basic functionality ( like  printing a page) that is taken for granted  is missing. 



 In disbelieve , I've spent hours trying different approaches ( different browsers; saving as PDF,  exporting to Office documents, screen capture, etc.) .  You post at least confirmed that this is systemic issues.  I've posted vote on . But it has only 20 votes. 


MS is not eating own dog food as , for example,  prints just fine.





Are there any news on this feature? 

Ohh if this wasn't so sad, you would laugh. Some progress *has* been made here! Much to my surprise. The layout of our modern pages has changed recently (hadn't noticed) but the content is now in a scrolling box in the middle with "Like, Comment, Views" on the fixed area at the bottom.

So with bated breath I tried to print a small modern page and thought it had been fixed in that the first page looked fine... horary I thought *except* when I printed the document (or previewed) on screen, the 2nd page was blank.

And now to the really, really laughable bit - it works in Chrome... well at least you get two pages with all the content except the colour is a bit washed out. I'll print to PDF so I can upload here.

Edge print out: Edge

Chrome print out: Chrome


As you can see, the Edge printout is more legible but the Chrome print out has all the graphics.


So Microsoft has acknowledged that this is a bug and is trying to fix it. I try to like Microsoft stuff but recently they have been testing my patience with Edge:


  1. Unable to print modern SharePoint pages
  2. Ctrl-C often doesn't work when copying text off a web page
  3. Still unable to share a page link to Outlook without copy & paste
  4. The status message bottom left often interferes with the user interface/buttons
  5. You can't synchronise favourites if you happened to be joined to Azure AD and only have the basic Azure subscription (we're not upgrading just to sync Edge - we'll use Chrome thanks)
  6. Therefore my favourites don't/can't appear on my tablet or phone (and no, using Edge on Android doesn't work either because of 5)
  7. It's a real memory hog/doesn't release memory when other programs need it. Often have to close Edge down to get a VMware VM to start
  8. It causes my HP laptop to overheat - seriously - since adding an SSD, Edge runs the CPU so hot that is thermally overloads (half of this is crap cooling on HP/AMD CPU running hot anyway)
  9. Despite what Microsoft says, Edge is noticeably slower than Chrome in real life examples
  10. You still can't "Open in File Explorer" from SharePoint in Edge (have to use IE)

Anyway I digress. Microsoft can pat themselves on the back here for giving my clients another solid reason why they use Chrome... :(

With bated breath I installed the latest April update which has lots of updates for Edge. Nope, still can't print modern web pages in Microsoft's own Office 365 product. Bordering on pathetic now guys :( So we continue to roll out Chrome... talk about shooting yourself in the foot.
Okay internal ticket was snoozed for 4 months and nope, still can't print modern pages. So if there is a checklist type page that you want to print and tick off - nope!
BTW - unlike Chrome which can now print modern pages pretty much perfectly. I really do despair sometimes with Microsoft and Edge.
Now that Microsoft has finally admitted it can't write a web rendering engine that works/rivals Chrome, maybe we'll get a version of Edge that can print modern SharePoint pages. Only been waiting two years... :(

This looks really neat- will try it for a Knowledge Base I'm building right now. Thank you, @calejo!

If you have any feedback please share!