How to prevent external clients to see other clients info while using the Share button

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Hello SharePoint Community, 


I need your help to come up with some best practice when it comes to preventing External clients from seeing other clients in our environment when using the Share button in SharePoint?

 A little back story, I created a team subsite for each of our clients so we can share documents with them and they can also share with with other team members on their end. The issue I am running into is that, while clients are using the share button to add/share files, when they start typing, they can also see other clients we have in our environment. I have set some restriction on the share options but that doesn't stop clients from see other companies we have in our environments. 


Can anyone recommend a workaround?  Surely, other businesses do not want users seeing everyone else who has access to a site or exist in our organization?


Thank you in advance.




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