how to play/stream mkv files on sharepoint page

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I've been using my OneDrive storage to store video files I've created over the years. They are almost all in mk4 format or mp4 format. Now I want to make some type of sharepoint site to play the videos. Mostly because video playback is a hassle. I don't intend for this to be public facing, this is just for my own amusement(and also to learn).


I've worked with sharepoint in the past but its mostly limited to server installs and locating missing files. Actually playing with content and creating pages is new for me.


I checked out these instructions but because of the video format that's out


I also looked at a web store apps like vSlider but they seem geared towards 3rd party file storage solutions and not the sharepoint/OneDrive storage.


I looked at some posts about embedding a custom video player like VLC but I couldn't figure out how I'd even go about implementing this(if its even viable).


Does anyone have a solution that a sharepoint novice like myself that doesn't involve re-uploading or re-encoding nearly 500GB worth of video files?

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SharePoint and OneDrive For Business are suitable to store any kind of files what includes heavy videos, but they are not suitable to play videos. In Microsoft 365 there is a specific service that is intended to that purpose: Microsoft Stream. The good thing is that you can embed videos from Stream or an entire channel using the Stream WebPart

@Juan Carlos González Martín Yes, Stream has its merits, but it's lacking quite a bit in functionality. I also have several hundred GBs of educational *.mkv files that my teaching staff have gathered over the years. You can't upload *.mkv files to Stream so they need to be reencoded into *.mp4, which I would be willing to do even if it takes a lot of time, but I'm not willing to compromise on other areas like being able to choose the subtitle tracks that are included in the *.mkv files. Playing an *.mkv file with VLC works everywhere with full functionality. So either allow VLC to be integrated as a playback option in Teams or Sharepoint, or update the codecs on Teams and Sharepoint so that *.mkv files with different subtitles and/or language tracks can be uploaded and played backwith all expected functionality.