How to move one line down in MS Lists

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I am trying to get accustomed to MS Lists. However, I cannot move one cell down or enter a new line using "Enter". Instead, when I press "Enter", the cell I am currently in gets "entered" so I can edit it. How do I move one line down (e.g. in order to enter data) without using my mouse? Using the arrows on the keyboard or pressing (Ctrl or Alt or Shift) + Enter doesn't work either. I tried different browsers incl. Edge (and deleting browser data), and different keyboard layouts. 


It works perfectly fine when I switch to Classic Sharepoint.


Thanks, Azad


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@Azad_ If you have selected a cell (single click - not in edit mode), you can mode move one line down/up using arrow keys on keyboard:


If you are in edit mode of a cell (double click), you can first come out of edit mode using "Enter" key. Then, you can mode move one line down/up using arrow keys on keyboard. 


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Hi @Azad_ 


While in Edit mode, 

  • Enter key in the multiple lines field will take you to next line.
  • Enter key in the single line of text will take you in and out of the edit experience.
  • Arrow keys will help you to move in vertical or horizontal directions.
I don't know what happened there, but everything is working smoothly today. I can use the "Enter" key again as I am used to from Excel. Thanks for your replies!