How to map SPO Site url to a different domain?


Hello, we have a requirement that a site collection in our MS 365 tenant to be mapped in to a different domain url. 


example is below

currently we have:

what we need: 


Is this possible in using MS 365 functionalities? or we need to create new domain using Domain feature and create a new site? Any steps appreciated.

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Currently it’s not possible. They are working on tenant rename for the URLs but not for single sites. You can always setup domains with dns forwarders to use different urls but they will show the other Url post forward. There is no support for cname records etc.
@Chris Webb - basically currently only option:

1. register the new domain using Adminportal -> Domains,
2. and then create a new site under it like the current site which will have the url .
3. Then we can move the content to this one a d just use this site.

Hope that is correct?