How to manage a Managed Metadata site column which allow multiple selection for large document libra

Steel Contributor

We have created a document library inside our SharePoint online site to manage our customer documents >> and we added a site Column of type Managed Metadata to tag the documents with the related customer/s.

Each document will be tagged to either specific customer/s or to All (we currently have 250 customers), as follow:-




now the problem is that the document library will contain millions of documents and we need to index the Managed Metadata site column, but since this Managed Metadata site column allow multiple sections so it can not be indexed. so in this case how we can link a document with multiple customers ?

One solution but not sure if it will work, is to create for example 10 site columns which are linked to the customer term store >> and each site column allow single selection (so we can index them) >> so we will have 10 crawl properties >> then we can create one managed property which contains the 10 crawl properties >> so users can filer the document library using the manged property inside the PnP Modern search web part >> and the managed property will cover the 10 crawl properties.. will this work? or there is a better solution to our issue?


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