How to make sharepoint form list form landscape without changing the data entry boxes?

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I currently have a form that I changed to landscape a year ago but I forgot how I was able to do it but it looks like this one:




Now I am trying to do the same for another list but I ended up changing it via powerapps and the the date picker field is different and it looks like this:




Maybe some can help me figure out how I did it in the first one?



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Please disregard and close. I realized now that I have formatted this before using JSON

"sections": [
"displayname": "",
"fields": [
"CX Account No.",
"Date & Time of Request",
"Reason for Non-Adoption",
"Type of Client",
"Sales Order No.",
"Order Type",
"Lacking Information?",
"Order Status",
"Counter Offer",
"Date & Time Responded",
"Agent Notes",
"Buddy verification",
"Complete Information?"

@masacemex You have to use the JSON formatting to configure the list form to change the body layout.


You can add one or more sections in list form body which will make list form in landscape format.


Check this Microsoft official documentation for more information: Configure custom body with one or more sections 


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