How to make all the columns full expand in the sharepoint list?

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Dear all,


As per subject. Please see the below attached. The issue is every time re-open the SharePoint list some columns couldn't really full expand the column. Is there a way to set it to fix position?


Sharepoint list column.png


Will appreciate any help you can provide.

Thank you.

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@Sk-73 To increase the width of column, try this:

  1. Go to SharePoint list. Select the right edge of column header, drag to the right & increase the width like:drag column header.png
  2. It will look like below image. Also, it will change the current list view & show the * in view name: 

dragged column header.png3. Click on the view name from Switch view options dropdown (highlighted in yellow in above image) & select Save view as.

4. It will open a popup like below. Just click on Save without changing anything.


Check this thread for more info: SharePoint Modern List - Increase column width with JSON Issue n

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Hi @ganeshsanap 


Thank you for the reply. It works!  =)

@Sk-73 Great, glad it worked for you!!

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