How to make a custom navigation tree in Wiki library?

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I am planning to build a knowledgebase for my company. This is all currently done in MS Word, and stored in document libraries.


I'm exploring whether a Wiki pages library is the way to go for this.


I've seen examples where there is a navigation tree on the left hand side of the page, completely customized, with collapsible titles, subsections, etcetera. A bit like the table of contents you can generate in a Word document.


How is this done? My company still uses classic Sharepoint, but will be migrating to Sharepoint Online soon.


Is this only possible in Sharepoint Online? If yes, how?

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Hi @tomswaelen 


i think, you mean not the standard site navigation, right?


I think, you mean a ToC (=Table of content) :) It's not possible OOTB. But you can use an ToC extension like


I create oftern knowledgebases or wikis with modern sites and search driven content with the PnP Modern Search WebParts: 


Regards, Dave