How to Lookup a column and match in another list?


Can someone tell me if this is possible, and if so, how to do it.

I have two SPO Lists. Assignments and Engineers

Engineer List holds all my engineer data (email address, name, etc).

Assignments List is where we add assignments.

Assignments List has a column called AssignTo. This has the email address of the engineer in it.

I want to create a lookup column in Assignments called Engineer_UPN. I want to look at the Assignments List column called AssignTo, find the email address that is there and match it with the one in the Engineer List, and take a value from Column TestABC in the Engineer List and put it in Assignment List Column Engineer_UPN.


Is this possible?

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@lardo5150 Check if SharePoint out of the box lookup column fulfills your requirements or not.


DocumentationCreate list relationships by using unique and lookup columns 

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