How to load dynamic content on Sharepoint page ?

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Hi all,


I'm quite new to sharepoint,


What i want to do is, One page has few quick link tiles, and based on the tile user clicked, it should redirect to another page with some dynamic data.


Let's say quick link tiles are, QL-1, QL-2

Once user click on QL-1 it's redirect to another page and shows it came from QL-1,  if QL

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@pathum1994 you've not said what your dynamic content is, but if it's a SharePoint list then create views of your list. When the user clicks a quick link tile it takes them to a specific page where you have a list web part that is set to the view of the list you want the to see. When they click a different quick link it takes them to a different page with a list web part set to the different view of the list you want them to see.


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Hi dynamic content is just few texts,

@pathum1994 This is not possible using SharePoint modern experience out of the box capabilities.


Try this approach:

  1. Pass query string parameters in URL on click of quick links like: ""
  2. Add react-script-editor web part on modern page
  3. Read query string parameter from URL and show it on page using web part.

You can also achieve similar functionality using Power Apps. But look and feel will be different:

  1. Pass query string parameters in URL as mentioned above
  2. Develop canvas app which will read query string parameter using Param() function and show the value in label control
  3. Add canvas app on SharePoint page using Power apps web part.

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