How to leverage sharepoint column data in sync'd folder?

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Hi all,  


I am struggling to understand how to fully utilize the metadata in a Sharepoint library.  I have a library sync'd with my OneDrive library, so it is visible within Windows Explorer.  That's great!  But the filters on Sharepoint only show me the ONLINE location of files.  In other words, I can filter a library and find all the folders tagged "complete" or whatever and voila - there they are.  But in order to open these files I have to download from Sharepoint again, which is silly since they are already in my OneDrive folder.


Am I missing something?  Is there a way to either copy/paste a file's location from online to WinExplorer?  Or can I incorporate - and sync - the columns from Sharepoint into WinExplorer and do the filtering there?

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