How to integrate SP2019 with MS flow and PowerApps

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With SP 2019, is it possible to integrate MS flow and Power Apps?

Below is my assumption, please suggest me if it is not true.

SP2019 is onpremises server. To work with MS flow and Power Apps, users need to buy licenses separately as described here for MS flow pricing, PowerApps pricing. Install on-premises gateways and connect to MS flow and PowerApps cloud then implement the solutions.

Every user should have appropriate license to use them or view them.


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Yes, it's possible and you will have to follow the process you have well described in your post

Alternatively, you can make use of ready-to-use 3rd party tools. Basically a Windows Service running locally to forward changes in SharePoint (or almost any other app) to Flow can do the job. No user-based licensing required in this case - just one-time per installation. Hope that helps, Frank.


@Mihir Yelamanchili Does every user needs to have a license to view the powerapps form or running flow? Or is it only for those who wants to create the flow and forms using powerapps?


@Rishi Gupta everyone need license to PowerApps and Flows. The base license is part of Office 365 E3 license if you have one. Otherwise you should have stand alone license for PowerApps and Flows.

Since you need to use the Data Management Gateway, your users need Power Apps P1/Power Automate P1 licensing at a minimum.