How to integrate SharePoint Online List with ServiceNow?

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Hi All,

I want to connect SharePoint List with ServiceNow table.

In SharePoint, I have a list with few columns. In ServiceNow I have a table with few column. In SharePoint List and ServiceNow table both are having same columns. 

Now What I want

1. when I create any record in SharePoint list then it should also create a record in ServiceNow table.

2. When I delete/update any record in SharePoint list then it should also update in ServiceNow table.

Earlier I was using BCS in SharePoint 2013 to connect with SQL table and it was working fine.

How to acheive same here. Please some one help into this. Thanks a lot.

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@VISKR05 Did you find any solution?

Thanks, Pooja

@VISKR05 Integrating SharePoint lists with ServiceNow is not exactly straightforward. The most IT-friendly path is leveraging ServiceNow's out-of-the-box integration hub for SharePoint Online. By following their technical documentation, we can configure bidirectional synchronization fairly quickly with less custom development.


Under the covers, it utilizes SharePoint's REST API which is reliable and well-supported. For more granular control, I advise building custom Power Automate flows. Separate create, update, and delete flows would connect SharePoint list events to trigger changes in ServiceNow.


This gives us maximum flexibility to tailor the integration logic around our unique needs. However, it does require deeper technical skills to implement correctly.