How to inherit metadata based on lookups to documents in Document Sets

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Hi, wondering if anyone can assist in solving a limitation I am coming up against with Document Sets and linking meta data to a sharepoint list.


I am trying to create a new Document Library with Client related documents.  I want to create a Document Set for each client and link this to a Sharepoint List of Clients with additional columns with attributes such as Client Region and Client Status to assist in creating relevant views.


I am able to assign / link these attributes at the Document Set level, however the documents within the Document Set are not inheriting this metadata (see missing data in Link to SP List Column' image below).

The inheritance does seem to propagate down to the documents when the metadata type is created as Custom Column and not linked to a sharepoint list via a lookup field ('Doc Set Meta Data Col 1').


Would appreciate any suggestions on how I can get the metadata in Documents within a Document Set to inherit from column data that is linked to the Sharepoint List at the Document Set level.

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