How to import all office 365 users in a sharepoint list

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Hi everyone my question is I want to create a Sharepoint list and import automatically all Office 365 users info like Name Last Name Department Email etc. in a SharePoint list is it possible 

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@Nivedhana @Navid2132 

You can use Power automate flow for these requirements. Follow steps:

  1. Create a power automate flow > manually triggered flow if this is a one time activity Or scheduled flow to run it regularly.
  2. Get all users from AAD tenant using List Users action
  3. Use apply to each action to iterate through all results from list users action 
  4. Inside apply to each action, create new item in SharePoint list using Create item action based on data returned from step 2

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Hi @ganeshsanap,

I am also trying to get a full list of users of my organization in Sharepoint List. Can you provide more detailed specific instructions on how to do this?