How to Hide the "+ Add Column" header link and empty column in a SharePoint list

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We recently migrated a list from 2013 Foundation to SP Online.   The users of the list are all editor.  When a user with edit or above permissions views the list, there is an empty column on the far right-hand side of the view with a "+ Add column" header that allows for an easy way to add another column.  Our users have requested that we hide this header and the empty column so that what they do want to see fits in the screen.  

Does anyone know how to hide this "empty" column and column header?

Here is a screen snip showing the header we would like to hide circled in red.  All users who use this list also need to be able to make adds and changes to the list items, so changing their permissions to a viewer or contributor is not an option.    Those who only view the list do not see the "+ Add column" header. 



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@Scot Bickell 

Did you by accident found a solution yourself? I'm also interested in how to do it.





Hi Andreas,
No, unfortunately, I have not found a solution. I've been hoping a Microsoft team member would chime in. Now that Microsoft Lists has been deployed, where the same issue exists, I might cross post to a discussion dedicated to MS Lists. Maybe someone will have a solution.
Hi Daniel,
Sorry for the delayed reply. No, unfortunately, I have not found a solution.

@Scot Bickell 

Perhaps you could achieve this with an SPFx extension.

@Scot Bickell Any chance a solution has been found?  I realize I'm raising a dead post here... but I'd really like to figure this one out, too.

Out of the box this isn't do-able.
No. It does not appear that Microsoft is going to make any changes that allow us to hide this space wasting "column".

Has anyone found a way to do this yet?