How to Hide/Disable Delete Button

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   I have looked everywhere and I don't know how can I remove or hide the button of delete in a modern sharepoint list. We are using a powerAPP form to edit annd insert recrods and we have also added a Controlled delete (Patch) for some records. In other words they can delete in the pwoer app form. So we can't remove the permision but we don't want the people to delete from the list and only from our form due to logic used...

  Anyone know how to disable/hide/delete the button in a modern list?

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I can only think on creating a permission Level that does not have the delete permission and you apply those permission to the users / group that can access the list

Thanks I did this for the people that can not delete...but we do have some people that can delete. But before they can delete we have some CODE and Validations that must be done before the delete gets executed. This is why we allow to delete inside the form but we don't want to allow to delete from the list.... It is very ODD something so simple like hiding a button is not available.