How to have weighted scoring for specific questions within a SharePoint online form?

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I need some guidance on how to create a form within SharePoint that will generate a total score after selecting specific answers to the questions provided. Majority of the questions will have drop down options and depending on the choice the answer displays a number.  The remaining questions, will have auto-generated answers dependent on a specific filed identified early on and these fields would also generate a number that would add to the total at the end of the form. 

Please direct me on where I can go to learn how to create this form please.

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@PKowal0915 you won't be able to achieve this easily with just SharePoint. But you could do it with Power Apps with a SharePoint list or lists as the data source. Have a look at the videos by Shane Young on YouTube about starting with Power Apps.


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@RobElliott thank you for your guidance. I will look up the videos by Shane Young. Fingers crossed I can accomplish this task and create this form.
Thanks again!