How to give O365 group owners permissions in a different SharePoint site



I have an O365 group used for a project. It has a few owners and a couple dozen members. They use Files in SharePoint. Fine.


On a different SharePoint site, I want to give updates to the whole company, so everyone is Visitor. In the SharePoint Site Members group I only want the owners of the above O365 group. I don't want to list them by name. If I use the group name, it grants access to all members of the group, I only want to give access to the owners. 


How can that be done?


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@Ingeborg Hawighorst One way could be to create a separate Security Group in Azure and fill manually the Owners of your previous O365 Group.

Later you will grant access to this Security Group in your SharePoint site.


If the owners of the O365 Group are changing frequently then you may think to keep the Security Group in sync by creating a PowerShell runbook.


A dynamic Group could work but you have to define a custom attribute only for those Owners and maybe it's not worth it