How to give access to Tableau server ?

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Hi All,


Not sure if this is the right platform for my issue but looking for your expert suggestion.

I am having the Owner access to one of our SharePoint site and I want to give access to Tableau server ? but its not allowing me. Error snapshot attached.  Basically I want to provide the access to tableau server so that it can fetch the data from SharePoint on intervals.


Looking for your expert advice & suggestion.

SH error.PNG

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@Rajender Singh 

If you are using SharePoint online and want to give any software access to other application, there is two way for that. First as Global Administrator or SharePoint Administrator, you can add a custom App to the tenant (if it's available) App talking to SharePoint and Tableau. Second, you can grant permission to Tableau with your account (Highly recommend to use Service Account)

Hope this solve your issue :)


@Alireza Rahimifarid Firstly thanks a lot for your valuable suggestion.  I checked the given links its for SharePoint list. I want to connect the Excel files directly. I am parallel checking the given links in details.


Also process will be same for SharePoint list & individual excel files to connect ?



Depends on where the Excel file located, if it's located in SharePoint, yes it would be the same

Hi @Alireza Rahimifarid , files located in SharePoint online. I am able to connect the SharePoint files with Tableau using UNC Path but its not real time connection. One of other Tableau user told that I have to provide access to Tableau Server .

But I am not aware what are the steps involved to provide the access to tableau server from SharePoint.

@Rajender Singh hi how you solve the issue or what steps you follow to solve this