How to give a direct link to create a New document from a Content Type in a Library?

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I have a bunch of report templates on the New button in a Document library.
We need to help the users select the correct template, so I want to get a link for each report template.

All works OK, using the link below - BUT we now have some macro driven dotm templates.


The Macro template, (wrapped in a content type) works perfectly from the new button, (and opens in MSWord).

But I am struggling to get a link equivalent for selecting the item from the new button.

Can anyone help?
Many Thanks


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Did you ever find a solution for that issue? I am trying the same it seems that it´s not possible.

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I logged a call with Microsoft support but did not get a satisfactory resolution for what we were trying a achieve sadly.

Their suggestion here might help you?


I know I have a call back scheduled for tomorrow with you, I found an Article that might help.
Still going to reach out tomorrow have a great rest of your evening and stay safe.



This might also help?
"What I really need is to find out how to create a link that jumps our users straight to create a doc from the content type,, so they don’t have to navigate to the library and work out which template they need."

For the non-macro ones we can use a link that looks like this:{03474314-531a-4b...

But my problem was we also wanted to do that for a dotm template, but that was where I had endless calls with MS, but no resolution.


**Hope this saves you some time :) **


I am just struggling with the link URL. I am note sure which Sourcedoc-ID you are using that it automatically creates a new document. Everytime I try an empty sourcedoc ID or some which doesn´t exists, an error occurs. So I am not sure how to tell the SharePoint that he has to create a sourcedoc ID on its own. 
But thank you for the reply.


I think I had to go and find out the SourceDoc id for each of my templates.

(The Sourcedoc id is never empty as it points to the template we have uploaded to that library).

By adding each one as a new template in the library, and then from the New button, right click, open in new tab, or Inspect the link with F12 developer tools.

Hope that makes sense?


But the SourceDoc (ID) differs each time when I click at the New -> MyTemplate. It seems that it is a dynamic ID. So it´s not possible to put it in link URL.


Sorry I cannot remember all the details. I went through so many iterations trying to resolve this and still did not get it fixed how the client wanted it, so I don't think I can help you.

This is one of the more in depth article links that Microsoft support sent me. 

It might help you?

Set a custom template for a SharePoint library - Office Support (

Best of luck