How to get versioning for whole SP list and not just individual items


Hello Community!

We have a SP list and it has around 2000 row/ items.

Any user can go and make changes to any of the fields, we can't ignore that- we have to give access as they have to edit the values on continuous basis.

But sometimes- if someone grossly edits multiple rows- how would i be able to know where problem occurred and who did it.

I can't be clicking on version history for each of the 2000 items.

Please suggest

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I'm afraid this is not possible.  You may only configure versioning on the individual list items, not the overall list itself.  


If you want visibility on who did what though, maybe consider using audit log search in the Security & Compliance Center? 

@PeterRising Thanks, but my IT folks are not giving me O365 admin access for audit logs claiming that even though i am the site owner for 1 site- i can't be allowed admin access privileges as that would mean i can see data for SP sites i am not even a member or owner of. :facepalm:

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@GulianiG Hello again! :)

You could use Power Automate to trigger on changes for that specific list.
I can not recall how well it performs on that many list items, but I think it is worth a try.

The trigger could send an approval flow, or just specify the change (custom audit log). 
The link below shows you a template to get started, however I recommend adjusting the solution to fit your request.


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Aref Halmstrand

@ArefHalmstrandThanks, i gave good grasp on Power Automate & Apps, hopefully will leverage it to suit our business need. This link is helpful :)