How to get total number of file counts in SharePoint?

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Hello All,
I have uploaded multiple folder in SharePoint Site, but many files failed to upload.

So now I wants to check in SharePoint that particular folder contain how many subfolders and total files.


Like in windows we right click on folder and hit on properties so it shows total number of files in particular folder.


So can anyone help me for that in share point?


Note: I have multiple subfolders so "Item Child Count" and "Folder Child Count" columns not useful for me.




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Did you try an export to excel? Open it up and insert a pivot table using Path for rows to get the full folder path and count of files.

@PamDeGraffenreid  Can you pls explain me step?

If PowerShell, ShareGate, or any other nice tools are not available, PowerQuery can work adequately.

In Excel (or PowerBI) : Get data -> From file -> From Sharepoint Folder -> enter your site URL.

Gives a list of all files with the folder path for each file. Work with the folder path (Text to columns maybe) and then pivot to get folders, subfolders, counts, as @PamDeGraffenreid noted.

Not pretty but it works :)
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@VPatel21  Here you go

1- Export to Excel


2 -  Open the downloaded file into Excel.  You may get a security prompt, click Enable.  The table will be selected by default when it opens.

3 - Go to the Insert Tab, and select Pivot Table


4 - Configure your PivotTable fields like this...



At the top level there are 4 folders and two files

Every folder has a unique path, so for each path (folder) - you'll get a count of files and folders.


Good luck!