How to get top AND left navigation in SPO?

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I am starting to move our corporate intranet from on prem to the cloud, and I'd like to duplicate it as much as possible.


One issue is the navigation bars.  Our current site has both top and left navigation bars, and I'd like to duplicate it as much as possible.  The only problem is I can't see a way to do that in SPO.  Team sites have the left nav bars, and communication sites have top nav bars.  But neither have both options.


Is there some obvious method that I am missing?


Thanks in advance.



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You are right, you can have the top navigation with communication site & left navigation with team sites.


Also, currently Microsoft is releasing a new feature - SharePoint app bar to targeted release tenants & soon it will be available for all standard tenants as well. Using SharePoint app bar you can have the global navigation at the left side of your SharePoint sites (which will be shown on all modern sites - communication & team).


So, to have both side navigation, I will suggest to create a communication site & leverage global navigation in SharePoint app bar. Hub sites in SharePoint also have top navigation above site logo & title.


Check below articles for more information about SharePoint app bar & global navigation in SharePoint online:

  1. Introducing a SharePoint app bar that features global navigation 
  2. Enable and Customize Global navigation in the SharePoint app bar 

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Thank you very much for that info. That's the best news I've gotten all day.