How To Get Access To All 2013 MySite Collections

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I am needing to grant access to a specific account for a SharePoint 2013 OnPrem environment.  It's thousands of Mysites under the MySite web application and I'm wondering if there is a easy way or a script tht can be run to quickly grant one account site collection admin access to all the mysites?  Thanks N Advance.

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You can just add the account from the farm as a secondary admin! will be easier and faster for you!
Thanks for your response. Yes, this would work if it was just one specific collection. I would have to manually click thousands of site collections and manually add to secondary collection admin field. Looking for a script or automation that can just automatically fill in a secondary account for all mysites collections.
Hi! This is in SharePoint Admin in the Server for that service. You will be owner for all the my-sites :)