How to force sync SP Online with Outlook calendar

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Hey All,

I have connected my SharePoint (Online) Calendar to My Outlook (2016). 
2019-08-12 09_54_20-Event Calendar - Calendar.png

I want to auto/force sync the calendars SP <-SYNC-> Outlook. So the items/events will pop up in the calendar automatically with no human interventions.

Is that possible? 

Looking for any solution, also writing scripts, or scheduling a windows task, or whatever...

Sync it every x minutes/hours or even 1/2/3/... times a day. As long as it is automatically done.

By the way, when I am clicking update folder in Outlook or refreshing the page in SP, the calendars get synced without any issue.


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Technically you could do this by using SPO APIs to synchronize the information bidirectionally to Outlook an also the extensibility options you have in Outlook but If I were you, I would think in more detail if this need is so necessary to invest the time required to program all the stuff and specifically the Outlook part