How to find the address for my organization's sharepoint server and connect

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I am trying to test my newly developed SharePoint Server 2019 Communications site for mobile users. I downloaded the SharePoint app on my phone and its wants to know the address for my organizations SharePoint server. Where can I find the requested address? Not sure if this means the web application address or something else.


The SharePoint app page only says "SharePoint - Enter the address for your organization's SharePoint Server" so I'm not certain. I have the wifi accessed for my company on my phone. When trying to access the site collection URL via my safari browser I get the error message "Safari can't open the page because the server can't be found.". When trying to access it via the app I see "Unable to connect to SharePoint server. Please check the URL, or make sure your device is connected to your corporate network." (Please note that It is connected)


Our SRV-SHAREPOINT currently shows these Authentication settings:


Anonymous Authentication Enabled  
ASP.NET ImpersonationDisabled 
Basic AuthenticationDisabledHTTP 401 Challenge
Forms AuthenticationDisabledHTTP 301 Login Redirect
Windows AuthenticationDisabledHTTP 401 Challenge









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Hello @TK2000,

- Use the SharePoint Central Administration: if you have access to the SharePoint Central Administration, you can find the server address using following these steps:
a. Open the SharePoint Central Administration on the server where SharePoint is installed.
b. Navigate to the "System Settings" section.
c. Under "Farm Management," click on "Configure alternate access mappings."
d. You will find the server address listed under "Internal URLs" or "Public URLs."

Make sure your device is connected to your organization's network, either through Wi-Fi or a VPN, to access the SharePoint server from the app.

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None of the URL's listed seem to work. Is there a specific zone that should be used?