How to Enable enhanced rich text to Multiple lines of text field in SharePoint library.

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We are using SharePoint Online site where we have one library is created and in that we have 4 column which are multiple line text. While editing any record out of 4, 2 columns give a button to edit the value in enhanced rich text, but rest 2 columns doesn't give an option of edit button.

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Any chance that the 2 columns that allow rich text editing are being pulled in from a Content Type? From a modern SPO Library, there's no option to make a multi-line w/rich text, but you can create a Content Type for Documents that does.

Hi @Kelly_Edinger those columns are not pulled in from content type.

You could create a Site Column and add that to your Library.


I have created one site column which is Multiple lines of text (Enhanced rich text (Rich text with pictures, tables, and hyperlinks) but still its not working.

Can you provide screenshots where the other fields work but it doesn't?



Long description column gives us option to format, but testmultipletext column won't.







can you provide the screenshot that shows the column types, not just what the columns were named?


you can check first two SS as well,

but for more details here u go,



We have the same issue in almost all tenants. We created a multiple lines of text column with enhanced rich text as site column.
Using this column within a library does not show the "Edit"-Button. Using the same column within a list, the button appears.

Any ideas?