How to edit a choice column data in sharepoint online

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I have a list in SharePoint online with a choice column.

When I tried to update the choice column data (already added some values), it is not changing on the list items grid. But when we go into the choice column in the list settings, we can see the changes.

Is there any way I can edit/update a choice column data so that it will reflect the entire list.

Any help is appreciated.

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Hi @JamuMJ 

editing a choice value in the field settings will not update the records that where using the old value to the new one.

You need to update those records to the new choice value. 

Depending on the size of your list one way may be by putting the view in quick edit mode, filter the column by the old choice value and set the new value (you can use the dragging excel-style feature to quikly set the values). 

Otherwise you may create a flow or a powershell script, depending on your skills.