How to do search in list for date range

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I have one date field i.e. PlantDate.


I am trying to do search in list as PlantDate=2/1/2021..2/8/2023


It is not returning any search result.



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Hello @Avi65 


in search queries you can use different date intervals. Here are an overview about supported date intervals in KQL:


Best, Dave 

Hello Dave,

I already gone thru this and tried as well example of lastmodifiedtime and it is working too, but as I mentioned it is not working for custom field i.e. PlantDate as expected. It might be it is custom field not a managed metadata field, where lastmodifiedtime is a metadata field.


Hello @Avi65 


i have tested it and it works with custom date columns.


I have mapped my date and time columns to RefinableDate columns. My example with query:


{SearchTerms} Path:"<TENANT>/sites/MSTEvents/Lists/SessionTracker/" RefinableDate01>2022-01-01 AND RefinableDate02<2022-01-31





Best regards, Dave

Hello David,

Seems you misunderstood my question. In any list allitems.aspx there is search on title bar. You can do any keyword search for the particular currently opened list. As I said it is working it is for last modified date (LastModifiedDatetime>2022-01-01 AND LastModifiedDatetime<2022-01-31) in keyword search box, but not working for (customfield>2022-01-01 AND customfield<2022-01-31).

I hope it is clear.

Hello @Avi65


sure, it's clear, you can also use the query into your list search box with the mapped properties.


RefinableDate01>2022-01-01 AND RefinableDate02<2022-01-31




 Best, Dave