How to display list of document libraries on a site page (Sharepoint Online - Office 365)

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Hi there - I'm new to SharePoint but ultimately I'm trying to set up a home page for each site or subsite - where the home page shows the list of document libraries in that site or subsite - much like the "site contents" page shows the list of of document libraries. (Perhaps someone knows a way to make the site contents page the home page).


What would be even better would to have a file explorer style view/tree like is possible on the classic site (with site content tree in left hand menu) but have this appear on the modern site home page.


I can see its possible to have a site page that links to one specific document library but not multiple ones on the same page (like the site contents page).


Hope I have explained it clearly.


Any ideas? 

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you can use the Document Library web part multiple times to do that, just add it, choose a library, then do it again for every library you want to show, 

Thanks Dean - so in that case would it not be quite clunky with multiple web parts and separate document library lists. Looking for to see all document libraries in one go on the home page?
how many doc libraries do you have? you could do that be creating your own custom web part, but nothing out of the box. Why want to recreate the left nav bar?
Or you can manually configure a Links WebParts pointint to your document libraries
How about highlighted content webpart filtered to documents and change the view to list layout?

Like @Deleted I'll recommend you try out Highlighted Content Webpart, unfortunately we cannot control the display templates at this moment. You can try the query below.



Interested in the same, could you post a screenshot of what you ended up doing?

I am having trouble using "Highlighted Content" web part to display all libraries on a site, and sorting them alphabetically. Any thoughts?

@Jimmy Hang 

@RisteaM, did you find a solution for that sorting question?


I am also trying to sort it alphabetically.

@Expiscornovus Are you able to sort the libraries alphabetically? I am using Managed property - Filename, but that is not working.

@Jimmy Hang This works for all documents but is there a way to list the document libraries on the home page?    We have multiple document libraries and want to display them in a list format on the home page.

Also you can simply go to https://<your-company-domain><your-sharepoint-site>/_layouts/15/viewlsts.aspx