How to display Document Library as one combined view vs. "In Channels" & "In Site Library"?


We have a SharePoint that is attached to a Team - previously the Documents view displayed a single list that merged the Teams & SharePoint folders. Now it separates them, as in below screenshot. This is causing a lot of user confusion, with people wondering where their folders went. I don't want them to have to know that some are in Teams and some are in SharePoint - if they go to this page, they should see everything merged as it was before. Anyone know how I can change this? Doesn't seem to be a setting or a way to modify the form (allitems.aspx)



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Thanks for raising this Rob. Have you had any internal clarification on this?
It has now hit our tenant and I would like our team to be able to communicate to our customers before it also hits them. As you say, this will cause confusion.

To add, I have also - like you did - found nothing when looking for a setting for this in the library or the view.

A little bit of info that might help understand it.  Doesn't solve the issue of the question, but...


OneDrive and SharePoint: Access your Teams standard and private channel files | Super Simple 365

@rbennett I would like to disable it from the view since we don't use Teams folder and all this does is add vertical height to every library and add more scrolling.