How to disable user from copying Data from word file he has read only access to

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In a sharepoint site , a word file was shared with an internal user and given read only permission without download. 


However he was able to copy the file by right clicking and click on copy and was also able to print.Is there a way to stop this from happening to allow the user to view the file but not be able to select and copy data from the files and also not being able to print the shared file. 


I essentially want to be able to achieve below permissions:

1. Only read - No Copy - No Print - No Download

2. Read and Print Allowed only - No Copy No Download


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Hi @naveedadss 


There is a view only permission level in SharePoint for this purpose. If you apply that they are not allowed to download the file. 

@Andrew Hodges Thanks i tried that now using the visitor permissions and it worked and changed the default share permission to View only.


However I am also worried about not being able to stop download of .pdf and .png files. Is there anyway that this can be stopped as well ?